October 26th Sweet and Sour

What do ya know? Another hour of virtually non-stop music. Thanks to the folks who called in and pledged financial support to the fund drive. It’s so important to be the media, because it’s obvious we can’t trust the mainstream.  If you benefit from CHLY in any way, please visit chly.ca/donate and set up an automatic monthly donation of anything you think is fair.

Next week I will be continuing fund-raising efforts by playing requests and money-related tunes. Maybe even some good rendition cover songs. Here’s an idea! Lee Camp said he might do a phone interview with me…. but maybe I’ll hold out for a decent enough pledge to sponsor the call? email your intentions to ashta@ashta.ca

The tracks heard today, Wednesday October 26th, 2016:

Let ‘Em In – Wings
Primitive Man – Fruit Bats
Bees – Caribou
In the Deathcar – Iggy Pop
Viva Puerto Rico Libre – Ghetto Brothers
Got this happy feeling – Ghetto Brothers
You’re too weird – Fruit Bats
The Keys – Matt Duncan
Humbig Mountain Song – Fruit Bats
Happy Up Here – Royksopp
Glare – SHeep, Dog & Wolf
Pass the Popcorn – The Roots

For the first time, most of the show was live video streamed to Facebook! Watch it here

Here is the link to the file hosted on archive.org