SSVH October 10th 2012

For a show I didn’t plan whatsoever, this one turned out to be pretty darn okay! That is, except for the technical glitches. And I got free juice outta the deal compliments of DJ All Good who incidentally brought his D-cell battery-powered turntable and industrial grade juicer! Life is good. Pardon me, it’s All Good.

I started off the show today with a longish classical composition. One of my favourite pieces of music ever! Piano Concerto no. 2 composed by Shostakovich in 1957 for his son. After that, Jerry fills us in on some happnins and we take a call-in from someone who loves Elvis.(17 mins)

Here is the MP3

The second part of the show got a little wylie with tons of music all over the place! (25 mins)

Here is the MP3

DJ All Good brings me juice and plays you some dusty 45’s! It was a great time! (15 mins)

Here is the MP3





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