Transfer Beach May 13th

My friend Kristjanne lost her mom to cancer earlier this year. Now she’s putting on a free outdoor concert/celebration/festival at the amphitheater in Ladysmith, BC.

She joins me for the duration of the hour to talk about the event, her mom, and Shania Twain. Given the massive local talent slated to perform, we’re playing music from many of the local bands that are coming together, either in their current form, or in some other capacity.

  • Music in the Park, Saturday May 13th from 2-5pm
  • Face painting
  • BBQ
  • bubbles
  • craft tables
  • dancing
  • music
  • *Shania Twain tribute band*
  • Bells and Drums in honour of Janice Vosper

Here is the show, airing live on CHLY 101.7fm on Wednesday May 3rd from 8am-9am


  • 3:00, Plaid Snakes, Biology
  • 3:44, Hush Pup, Fighter
  • 3:27, Country Mouse, Nanaimo Mill Shooting
  • 3:43, Fountain Bather, Higher Than Thou
  • 4:45, Ah Venice, Learning to Dance Again
  • 3:50, Everything is Geometry, Millstream
  • 1:21, Bash Brothers, Summer Babe
  • 1:41, Stripmall, Mother of Earth (Gun Club cover)
  • 3:25, Strip mall, Meat
  • 5:26, Colliding Canyons, Cherry Girls
  • 5:12, Behaviors, Red Light Glow
  • 5:05, The Sheen, M. Corner Tone
  • 0:33, Everything in Geometry, Archers Fourth
  • 5:08, Hag Face, Old Hag