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  • SSVH: December Blabberings

    The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour is expecting a few new segments ready to start in the new calendar year. Metaphysical learnings and teachings from Flora the Clarvoyant, and a segment called Librarians on the Radio presented by employees of the Vancouver Island Ragional Library- Nanaimo branch. This week’s show was on the fly. Here…

  • Ayahuasca Exorcism and Lessons in Gratitude

    Okay. So now I’m going to try and explain last night. Honest and sincere, here on “my blog”, for all eyes to see. I think this information is very important. If you know and trust my judgment of…stuff, than well, read on knowing that I ain’t shittin’ ya.

  • Hope

    Not that it matters, but these are exactly my sentiments. “I firmly believe that the contemporary spiritual use of entheogenic drugs is one of humankind’s brightest hopes for overcoming the ecological crisis with which we threaten the biosphere and jeopardize our own survival, for Homo sapiens is close to the head of the list of…