Psychedelic drug use was good for me. It can be good for you too!

I’m a vocal advocate of psychedelic drug use. Enough of this hiding in the closet bullshit. It’s been centuries, people.

After 3 or 4 honest encounters with psilocybin (sil-o-sy-bin), I can tell you my whole life has changed for the better. I have a greater understanding of myself, of the people and relationships in my life, and I believe I learned how to live a life of contentment and honesty. I learned how I could be happy all the time. I learned in only a number of hours how to work through emotions and questions that had remained untouched and plagued my whole being. Without this help, without this tool, I may not have ever had the capacity to see so clearly, and work through my problems. Now, I am a happier person. Forever positively changed. By sharing this with you now, I’m carrying out a social responsibility. Everyone should have the opportunity to access such transformation.

I’ve learned through my own life’s journey that with regard to the utilization of these tools, there has been a great public deception. Active oppression (criminalization even!) of use, which in my opinion has resulted in repression of natural interest on an individual level. It’s a shame, really.

By placing all recreational drugs in the party category, this is where humans (in my culture anyway) end up trying them out. What happens?  The possibility and likelihood of having a bad trip. All your shit’s fucked, your world is upside down and scattered as you try to meld a social atmosphere with the spirit realm. It can be overwhelming, incoherent and unpleasant to the core. The human thinks nothing could suck more. “Why the hell did I eat that?!”  The human is scared forever to try those drugs ever again. A party… (unless the body is otherwise already experienced) in my opinion, is not an option for a psychedelic setting. If you ask me, I would tell you what worked best for me: Nature. Solitude. Contemplation. Meditation. This is a recipe that changed my whole entire life. And I’m just an average regular person….which means the same could happen for you.

An unfettered form of therapy. Therapy that works. Ask yourself: “What’s wrong with me?” and perhaps you’ll get a sack full of solutions. Psilocybin mushrooms for example, have been proven to me to be the most useful and under-utilized personal development tool available to us. I highly encourage you to try them out.

Yeah, this guy. A history maker. A legend of these concepts. A human being with the  guts to boldly go where no Terence had gone before….deep deep inside. What makes this man legend is how willing and enthusiastic he was to share his psychonaut experiences. And he did share. He’s been known to talk and explain things learned about life for 10 or 12 hours at a time to a jam-packed auditorium. In the early 90’s before his death, Terence McKenna spent a lot of time talking about the things he learned while having taken varying doses of drugs. Not just talking, but telling. The man makes a lot of sense about a lot of things, albeit how cartoonish his voice can sound.

Big concepts.

Concepts that are so difficult to wrap my mind around, that I need to have it all spelled out from scratch. Lo and behold, I’m thankful a guy was willing to sit down and tell it all to me (thanks youtube), or write it all out and publish it some books. Why do I believe him? Because I have seen and experienced these big concepts myself. But when left to try and describe them using the english language I’ve picked up over only 25 years, I find myself limited. This is why I consider McKenna one of the greatest teachers of our time. The ability to explain this stuff at all is a testament to the spontaneous nature of how knowledge is transferred through the utilization of these tools.

Big big concepts. Like this one for example:

Makes sense!!

I’ve been running around ranting and raving for years that the single most important social issue globally is planned parenthood! Poverty. Addiction. Food supply. Fuel supply. Depression. Consumerism. Globalization. Corporate control.  The root of all this shit has to be a result of not enough Planned Parenthood centres.  A simple concept that is so easily fumbled.   It’s no surprise to me birth control and abortion opinions are at the centre of the current political clusterfuck in the United States. Employing individual intelligence levels to save the world. PPPPPGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRHHHH *mind explodes*


Have ten hours? Ever seen a 600+ minute youtube video? Here’s one:


Looking for something as inspiring but not so long? Good music too? Try this one out:

Okay, now you’re interested, and you’ve got a whole night to scour the Oracle and find everything you can handle on this stuff. The following link is a good place to start:

Enough time has gone by as our species both subtly and obviously destroy what could be a thriving future on this planet for human beings. Enough time has passed as we ignore the multiple crises that are difficult to face and easier to deny. We can evolve! No one on this planet has to live in suffering and pain and hunger and global dis-ease.  Every human animal could be happy and healthy and thriving. It just takes a little bit of a mind expansion to accommodate this concept at all. This is precisely why psychedelic drugs are illegal.

“Maybe humans are just like sheep? And the easier they are to herd, the better?”  Is all well and good if it’s decided to remain living in a de-evolutionary pyramid scheme. Perhaps there is a decision that needs to be made to transfer from global-control-laden-pyramid-brain over to circular-harmonious-conscious-evolution brain. Perhaps the right choice is made clear every time a human animal eats a handful of mushrooms in the woods and returns to trusting their instinct like all of the other animals.  After all, it’s a well-rounded theory that’s how we got so “intelligent” in the first place. Curse or gift?






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