Tag: internet freedom

  • Where the hell was my computer going?

    Ashta explores the possibility of her computer being jacked by America’s whack NSA tactics team.

  • 27 quotes from the PRISM whistle blower

    27 quotes by Snowden, the brave whistle blower who gave up his whole life (ie. $200,000/yr and a home in Hawaii) so you and me could be informed about this bullshit. See previous post about PRISM.

  • The American Government is Spying on Everyone

    By participating in Facebook, Apple, and Google, we willingly trust all of our input to American corporations. The government decided in 2007 they can examine whatever they want, whenever they want, without permission. It’s easy to run auto scans on digital information for key words that are give-aways. This is PRISM. AKA- the new “Obama…