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  • Mark MacDonald talks about NDN, then invites us to McDonalds

    Nanaimo Daily News guy Mark MacDonald makes weak excuses for his paper, then invites us to a poisonous multi-national “restaurant” for coffee, instead of a locally owned coffee chain.

  • “Adrian Dix made our plans fall apart! What a jerk” -The News

    “Adrian Dix made our plans fall apart! What a jerk” -The News

    Reported story: “Dix is a Nincompoop” Real story: “Conservatives Avoid Public Debate with Greens”

  • Air guitarin’

    Air guitarin’

  • More Omnibus Bullshit

    On Saturday I was so pissed about C-38, I felt like telling everyone. I made a sign, and I’m glad Rachel Stern decided to feature a photo of it in her article in this morning’s Nanaimo News Bulletin. Check it out here: http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/news/156940995.html?c=y&curSection=%2F&curTitle=BC+News&bc09=true An omnibus bill is a proposed law that covers a number of diverse…

  • February 13th

    Hi reader! Here are my blog bullets for this monday spent at Film Buff: Had a great weekend on Salpspring Island, as usual. Interviewed Elizabeth May!! The West Side Story movie  is very racist and mildly sexist. Reader supported newspaper columns are totally amusing. Check out the Valentines in Seattles (only) newspaper The Stranger. Lucky…