Dairy & Gluten?

Hi loves,
I’m curious about reasons to eliminate dairy and gluten from ones diet. I’m aware that for those who have celiac disease, gluten wears down nutrient receptors, so eventually if undiagnosed they suffer from malnutrition at a very young age. The case is that gluten does this in every body, but in a less harmful way. From what I understand (from someone who’s got celiac), these nutrient-absorbing receptors can be likened to little fingers in your tummy. For those with the disease, the fingers are delicate and brittle like chalk, while in everyone else, they are sturdy and steadfast like wood. Gluten grinds down on these fingers over time in everyone. Diary, I know nothing apart from the opinion that involving animals for human tastes is sometimes not preferred.  All I do know is how much I enjoy and even crave breads and many types of dairy products. So much so that I would forfeit the integrity of my sturdy nutrient receptors over time.

Do my tendencies to consume these items have something to do with the physical heritage of my body? My ancestors on both my parents side ate a lot of bread, and dairy. Why should I fight the urge? (no snark, genuinely curious). Thanks for reading, any input is appreciated.









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