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  • Provacateur’ing and a-riling

    Provacateur’ing and a-riling

  • Tracking Life

    Tracking Life

    For the past year and a half, I have kept a life log that has, over time, revealed patterns in my life that now completely informs how I live. It all started as a method of birth control called FAM, but soon turned into my own little accountability reference aid that has connected me to…

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Survey

    Haven’t done one of these in a looong time! Hello 2008! -What do you remember about finding out you were pregnant? With F, being shocked at how soon after we’d “pulled the goalie” that I got pregnant (3 weeks), and saying “oh my gawwdd” back and forth to one another in amazement. With J, being…

  • My take on the bullying of Venezuela

    My take on the bullying of Venezuela

  • Seasonal Reminder

    Low-cost, cheap, poorly-made junk is made from fossil fuel products. Mostly, the manufacturing process includes the use of slavery. Workers around the world aren’t paid fair wages, and their quality of life is dismal. If these global free-trade agreements were not allowed in the first place, more local jobs would be available closer to home.…

  • The Technique of Elimination Communication

    The Technique of Elimination Communication

    As a parent of multiple babies at this point, I feel as though Ive earned some clout in the management of other human bodies department. The subject has been coming up in conversation lately, so I decided to put down some thoughts on diapering, or rather, not diapering. Elimination Communication/Natural Infant Hygiene is an…