Kicked off facebook

Seems that I am permanently locked out of my “work facebook” account RaDio Ashta. With that goes access to my page  Facebook Site Governance has asked for a copy of my government issued identification. This is interesting….

A friend commented that perhaps it was because of something politically incorrect that  I posted. To which I replied:

I post politically incorrect stuff on a regular basis. My most recent post was a question about UFO’s in our area. According to facebook, the reason I’m locked out is that Radio Ashta is not my real name.

Not only that, but now the following appears in place of every private message I ever sent

This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam.

Many others don’t use their real name. Why doesn’t facebook make them change their names after uploading a picture of their ID? I won’t be complying, because there already exists a different facebook account with my real name that I created in 2006. Good lord, that was 8 years ago! I’ve been a slave to this damn website for 8 years?! Perhaps it’s time to kick the habit for good.  It’s pretty convenient that by not complying, it appears RaDio Ashta is gone forever. There’s no awful “delete everything” process or late-night re-activation relapses.

If you “like” my page, you’ll notice it simply won’t be updated anymore. This will force me to update things on my website more often, I suppose.

So check back whenever you feel like it 🙂