Vancouver Island Earthqua-a-a-a-ake!

I didn’t feel a thing in Nanaimo, but I guess it’s notable that only 90 km  off the shore of Ukee, and 10km unda dee sea was a 4.9 magnitude attitude earthquake! AY AY AY!!

Here’s some “pics” of the quake:


Not to worry, though. These things happen all the time. For example, bellow is a graph of “seismic activity”. In other words, those plates are just grinding together all over the place all the time. Lets just hope the plate doesn’t slip off the table and smash into smitherines on the floor- only to leave Vancouver Island in a bloody mess. The orange dots represent every earth quake since 1990:

If the plate ever does “fall off the table”- which would cause a tsunami- the following graph represents a flood zone (notice how comfortable Nanaimo is nicely nestled out of the way):





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