Down with Monsanto Day

In an article published today, Daniel Pinchbeck has this to say:

…We don’t know the eventual consequences of genetically engineered food–we don’t even know the current consequences of it. I keep thinking back to the invention of plastics, which must have seemed like a magical solution, but now pollute every eco-system in the world and also our bodies, causing hormonal changes, cancers, and other effects. There are often unintended and unforeseen consequences in the implementation of new technologies that become obvious only decades or even generations afterward. We are currently running an uncontrolled experiment on the entire population of this country, and other parts of the Earth, without any agreements or controls. …

…The alternative to GE would be a global initiative to train farmers in organic and permaculture methods of agriculture. Many studies indicate that organic and permaculture-based farming can be more productive–and uses much less fossil fuel, thus producing less CO2–but it is also more intensive and requires a higher level of training, care, and connection to the local land.

…I don’t think there is a conscious “conspiracy” by an Illuminati elite to reduce human populations by feeding them poison–but the question of what is conscious is an interesting one.

If you’re thinking: “What’s so bad about engineering how a corn gene works?” or “I remember hearing that it was actually good for humankind!” than I recommend watching this here movie.