Michael C. Ruppert suicide

Michael C. Ruppert was vital to many a paradigm shift from the WTC attacks in 2001, to peak oil and impending collapse. He was unafraid to passionately express what he knew about this world.

MCR was allegedly found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head this past Sunday.

If you’ve never heard of him or his work before, a good place to start is by watching the incredibly interesting documentary film CollapseHere’s a link to stream it online.

on Collapsenet…
Just spoke to the coroner’s office. The autopsy is being performed this morning, so there is no way I can be there. They will be sending me the coroner’s report later today, followed by the complete autopsy results (with toxicology, etc.) within a few months. I will report it here directly as those reports come in.

I also spoke with the man who found MCR’s body. He was a friend of Mike’s whom I had met several years ago in Sebastopol. There was no question about it being a suicide – it was all planned out by MCR. MCR used a Glock 30 .45 caliber pistol and shot himself in the head. It hurts me even more because I recommended that gun to him (it’s my carry gun) and I even gave him a quick-draw holster for it on MCR’s birthday a few years ago. Yes, I am still very emotional about all…

VICE recently did a magnificent 6 part series called Apocalypse, man which you can watch here.  It shows what life was like for Mike these days.

Let’s take a moment to remember the man, his work, and the very definition of apocalypse: a disclosure of knowledge, a lifting of the veil or revelation.