Reason, facts, scientific evidence…but only when it suits

In Nanaimo’s little newspaper, someone had this to say in a letter with the headline Northern Gateway may bring us great prosperity: “To those who oppose this project even before hearings on the Northern Gateway pipeline are completed, I ask “then what” are they proposing?”

Here’s a great response from a fellow person who pays attention:

Dear Editor:

Recently a letter was printed asking what else we could use to drive the economy instead of the bitumen extractions, twinning of the pipelines, fracking and geo engineering spraying of our skies and oceans. The answer is Hemp. Before hemp and cannabis was quietly made illegal, the magazine called Popular Mechanics, in February 1938 came out with an article called “the Trillion Dollar Crop” In this article it reminded the people, of its hundreds of thousands of uses, and the fact that other companies were having a hard time selling their products that didn’t contain hemp, things like Rope, bio-fuels, food and agricultural purposes. We can easily end prohibition, start planting hemp and be able to live freely away from petroleum based products just by planting this amazing plant.
For one acre of hemp pulp; grown in 100 days, will equal 4 acres of tree pulp; grown in 50 years… “Why use the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the fields?” –Henry Ford.      

Sincerely, Amanda Orum

Great. Point. Sweet relief, there is reason among us.

Is now a good time to remind everyone of the availability of unlimited energy for all?  With a new beginning approaching, isn’t it finally time we collectively  look to the works of Buckminster Fuller and mobilize the technologies that do exist, yet remain un-utilized? Methods and technologies that have nothing to do with sparking a flame, rather to do with smart designs modelled after nature. Reason.  Facts. Scientific evidence.

Are there still people out there who think that all of the poison and decay on Earth is the natural order? If there is, allow me to continue Amanda’s point: Everyone on Earth can be happy, healthy and thriving. There is only one reason and ONE REASON ONLY why it’s not that way yet: all of life has (for too long now)  been under the control of few.  On our teeny-tiny-little planet of Earth, the few who have the control are the few who have the monetary system, political systems, and religious systems in place.  There’s a contingent of human beings (spanning tens of thousands of years, actually) that believe this few are actually blood-sucking reptiles from someplace in Orion, and who am I to claim I know anything more than the next guy? The wisest man is the man who knows he knows nothing at all (or something). This is the reason it’s important not to scoff at ideas that seem so “out of this world”.  So you ask yourself: What the hell DO I know?

Chomsky concluded last week on Alternative Radio: “By shredding the remnants of political democracy, the financial institutions lay the basis for carrying the lethal process forward – as long as their victims are willing to suffer in silence”

Like Amanda, I’m not willing to suffer in silence. If you want to share your thoughts or findings using reason, facts, and (sometimes not applicable)scientific evidence PLEASE SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!! You can have a segment on the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour and present it live on the radio to a possible 1.5 million people. Just send me an e-mail to get the ball rolling.