Remember “Street Cents”?

I loved this show.  It was interesting, stimulating, entertaining, and informative.

Consumer and media awareness directed toward young people

If you don’t remember,

Street Cents

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Street Cents is a teen-themed newsmagazine TV series that originally aired on CBC Television between 1989 and 2006. It was one of a few shows focused on consumer and media awareness for young people. The series was created by producer John Nowlan. He cites Britain’s Pocket Money as one of the inspirations for Street Cents. The show has won several Gemini Awards and even an International Emmy for Best Youth Programming or Series. The series was lauded by critics for its efforts to be inclusive and representative of Canada’s youth.

Like CBC’s Marketplace, the show aired without commercial interruption, because the producers did not want the bias of advertising revenue to affect the potential criticism of the advertisers’ products and/or services. The show promoted safety and ethics and action while empowering young people.

In August 2006, the network airing Street Cents, CBC Television, decided to cancel the series as its target demographic, teens and preteens, have shown a decline of viewership. The constant moving of its time slot and the fact it produced no commercial revenue did not help. The last episode aired October 1, 2006 leaving CBC-TV with no programs aimed at young people.







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