Spin Alley, how do you spin the story?

I was always “on the fence” about Jon Stewart. After watching the following video, I think I like him. He totally calls out these two CNN personalities for being rigged fakers, wasting the opportunity to inform the public of relevant matters. It’s pure gold.

He’s right. That show is as real as wrestling. The audience was being prompted. It’s shameful.

Here’s an article called I Was in a Paid Studio Audience

From Wikipedia:

Spin alley is a term that refers to a designated meeting area reserved for use by the news media after political events to perform interviews of public policy experts. It is usually used after a major televised event, such as a campaign debate, and provides political experts and public officials a space to make statements to the press that are pejoratively referred to by some observers as spin, or highly-biased propaganda of the event. Supporters of this arrangement claim it is a good opportunity for both parties to elaborate on the views expressed, while opponents argue that it offers only a narrow range of points of view and marginalizes debate as part of a larger deficiency in the media’s confrontation of politicians.

Ah, here is some more “news”. How much more proof does everyone need?