Hang On CanCon

This week on The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, 100% CanCon.

If you can, please give a lil to unite CHLY with The Discourse.

Here is the file, airing live to about 1.5 million human beings, a few billion notable sea creatures, and literally trillions of bacterium. Yes, every one of these living organisms will be surrounded with the invisible frequency transmission of these amazing Canadian songs via CHLY 101.7FM at 8AM PST on Wednesday the 16th of December 2020. You’re welcome, amoeba!

  • Carmanah – I did it all for you
  • Carmanah – Roots
  • Blue Moon Marquee – Shading Tree
  • Carolyn Mark – Flaming Star
  • Carolyn Mark – Not Like the Movies
  • Painted Fruits – Gender
  • Painted Fruits – Mechanical Rhythm
  • Great Speckled Fritillary – Polar Star
  • Wolf Parade – Fine Young Cannibals
  • Wolf Parade – Solders Grin
  • Wolf Parade – Lousy Pictures
  • Aaron James and the Black Water – Fear II
  • Harpoonist and the Axemurderer – She’s Got
  • Satellite and the Harpoonist – Justine
  • Dubmatix – Wicked Part of Tow