Hidden Gems

We got Dutch, we got German, we got French, we got Cascadian. This week on The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour we hear stuff that sounds industrial, experimental, instrumental, sentimental and all other manner of mentals. Like a potent little garlic clove, I’ve planted my favourite song from KMVP’s new record On The Cusp. If you get your grubby paws on a copy of this limited release, you are sure to garner hella cool points (which is the nourishment of every vinyl collector, let’s be honest).

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Here is the file for this week, October 26th 2022 at 8am PST


  • Dollkraut, Holy Ghost People
  • De Ambassade, Wat Voel Je Nou
  • Algebra Suicide, An Explanation for that Flock of Crows
  • Grauzone, Eisbar
  • Malaria!, Your Turn to Run
  • Grauzone, Hinter Den Bergen
  • Abwarts, Computerstaat
  • KMVP, The Truth About Mupets
  • De Ambassade, Standhouden
  • The Body Electric, Dash1721
  • Martin Dupont. Inside Out
  • Trisome 21, The Last Song
  • Sad Lovers & Giants, Things We Never Did
  • John Maus, Bennington
  • Rheingold, Dreiklangsdimensionen
  • Die Doraus & Die Marinas, Tilpen und Narzissen
  • Ventre De Biche, Un Bon Vigile
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