Sweet and Sour Variety Hour Update

The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour is a program made up of segments produced by community members. Want your own segment? email ashta@ashta.ca

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Wed. January 8th 2014, 8am PST: Second Anniversary of the SSVH

1. Wake-up tunes

2. Dylan Perry’s Funk Playlist

4. The Real News Network: Engler Report

3. Your Sense Too

Wed. December 25th 2013, 8am PST: Christmas morning special!

1. Christmas tunes

2. Not Christmas tunes, rather cover tunes done by choirs, orchestras, and handbell ensembles

Wed. December 18th 2013, 8am PST:

1. Film Buff Radio: Gross Point Blank

2. Librarians on the Radio

3. Music

4. Michael C. Ruppert discovers Terence McKenna

5. Your Sense Too

Wed. December 11th 2013, 8am PST: Started the show ten minutes late! Whups

1. Film Buff Radio: A Mighty Wind

2. Documentary Filmmaker Richard Boyce educates us on Coastal Tar Sands issues

3. Your Sense Too