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Gaiam TV is taking it to the next level

A full-length episode of MindShift from GaiamTV hosted by Daniel Pinchbeck. Guests include Russell Brand and Eve Ensler.
Do yourself a favour, and watch this video. It’s a little longer than a sitcom, and is just as entertaining. Unlike a sitcom, it won’t rot your perception. Continue reading Gaiam TV is taking it to the next level

Science Set Free

Another banned TED talk, this time by Rupert Sheldrake. This is one of those talks that makes you privy to the inside workings of a professional sect of world society: the science community. I highly recommend that you listen to this TED talk, and then read about the other 8 dogmas of science.

Decide for yourself: is this unscientific?

An anonymous panel of scientists deemed this talk to be “unscientific” and moved it from their website to this blog.