Near and Far

Here’s the file

  • Sweetdreams, This is It
  • Clinic, Ferryboat of the Mind
  • Sex, No Bad Days
  • Little Sprout, No Twin Spirits
  • The Soundcarriers, Low Light
  • Peach Pyramid, Wear Sunscreen
  • Sweetdreams, Half the Man
  • Wut, White Walls
  • BRONCHO, Sandman
  • Sheer Mag, Expect the Bayonet
  • Roberts Hall, All I Need is my TV
  • La Luz, Sure as Spring
  • The Mystery Lights, Too Many Girls
  • Bilk, Spiked
  • Jock Tears, See Ya Later Alligator
  • Necking, No Playing
  • Adrian Teacher and the Subs, Victory Square
  • Kid Kapichi/Bob Vylan, New England