SSVH: Good Music, New Releases

This mornings show starts off with a little bit-o-Al Green. Goes into some conversation about the most disturbing horror movie ever. Continues with some event updates via Jerry Steen. Segment ends with the first song of a 3 song set by Plants and Animals, a band I’m going to see tomorrow night in Vancouver! I’m so excited for 3 days in the city. (21 mins)

Here is the MP3

Second Act of the variety hour; 2 more songs from Montreal band Plants and Animals and then 2 songs from Halifaxian Mat Mays played for Patrick. Straight-up-feel-good muzak. (18 mins)

Here is the MP3

Third Act of the variety hour, we get away from the Canadiana and dive right into the melodies of Grizzly Bear with the first two tracks of their new album Shields. After that, you hear me get really excited about an album that I am really excited about. It’s my favourite new release. Muse, The 2nd Law. Three words to describe it: epic as fuck. I think I’m buying this album for everyone I love when gift-giving time comes around. BONUS TRACK! Final track on the album Isolated System. (25 minutes)

Here is the MP3






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