Sweet & Sour Variety Hour March 14th 2012

This morning on the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, I featured an hour of music! One whole hour! I kind of liked it….

Here’s the play list:

Ween-The Argus
Ween-Your Party
Ween-Buckingham Green
Ween- Freedom of 76
BCUC- Lefatshe Lena
Dumbo Gets Mad-Eclectic Prawn
The Cat Empire- Down at the 303
Gorillaz-White Flag
Gorillaz- O Green World
Gorillaz- Kids with Guns
Gorillaz- Left Hand Suzuki Method
Electric Guest- This Head I Hold
Grizzly Bear- Ready, Able

If you want to stream it online…check the following link! (to download the MP3 of the whole show, just right click and ‘save as’): http://serv.dailysplice.com/1766/O6krAU/SSVH_March_14_2012_REPLAYOK.mp3


PS: I’ve recently discovered how much Young Gene Ween reminds me of my boyfriend. (on the right)






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