Sweet and Sour Half-Hour & Hour

I spent last evening dusting off all of my old CD’s and picking out all my favourite tracks. This week’s episode of the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour featured 100% music, 100% from Ashta’s over-played personal collection from high school and beyond. These are the days of my life. No making fun!!


The first half an hour of today’s show began a half hour earlier than normal, and contained twice as much energy as normal. A no-nonsense thirty minutes of rock music! (31 mins)

Here is the MP3

Second half an hour, there’s only a little bit of nonsene. The rest of it is straight classical tunes from….Fantasia 2000. NO MAKING FUN! (23 mins)

Here is the MP3

A whole other half an hour! 20 minutes of no-nonsense hip hop/rap/R&B dedicated to Emile Weeks of Groove Concept Radio which plays every Saturday afternoon at 1:30. It’s easily one of my favourite shows on CHLY. The last ten minutes, Jerry in da HAUS gives us a look (or sound?) at some up-coming events. (29 mins)

Here is the MP3