Ween Week

I’m dedicating the entire hour to the iconic band WEEN!

Ween has been releasing music since before I was born, and has maintained a cult following since the early nineties. Their sound (over sixteen album releases) ranges from heavy metal to twangy country, to experimental drone, to cheesy love ballad to full-on screamo – sometimes all on the same album. Ween is mistakenly categorized as a spoof band, but I really think they’re a dynamic musical force that transcends all genres. They’ve successfully retained such a huge fan base that even today in 2022, they regularly sell out huge multi-night stadium events. ANYWAY! One of the many dedicated Ween tribute bands will be playing this Friday, August 26th at the Nanaimo Bar. They’re called Captain Fantasy  and pre-sale tickets are on sale now here: tinyurl.com/fridayween

Here is the file

Here is the songlist

  • Ween, Did You See Me?
  • Ween, A Tear for Eddie
  • Ween, She’s Your Baby
  • Ween, The Argus
  • Ween, The Mollusk
  • Ween, Exactly Where I’m At
  • Ween, Even if you Don’t
  • Ween, Tried and True
  • Ween, Ocean Man
  • Ween, Gabrielle
  • Ween, Transdermal Celebration
  • Ween, Stay Forever
  • Ween, Flutes of Chi
  • Ween, Mutilated Lips
  • Ween, The Grobe
  • Ween, Oh My Dear