Crashed Potatoes

I’ve revised my original recipe for this new and improved ditty.DSCF9995

They are fine crispy potatoes that give a full french fry experience. Substitute butter with coconut oil or ghee. Adding chopped fresh herbs would be deadly too.

Crashed Potatoes

Steam a bunch of little potatoes. Let them dry [Do ahead any time. They can sit there all day]
Pre-heat broiler or toaster oven.
Grease up a big metal cookie sheet.
Smoosh each potato down on there with a fork.
In a small bowl, whisk together a heaping spoonful of butter and an egg white. Add in a table spoon of some yummy seasonings.
Whisk whisk whisk
Paint the smooshed potatoes with the egg wash, and generously salt.
Broil the hell out of them!
Flip and broil other side once crispy.
Break them up and serve with sour cream