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Help CHLY join with The Discourse

The Discourse is a community-supported journalism endeavor that is hoping to have a permanent presence in Nanaimo. They are funded by their readership, the very people who The Discourse is accountable to.  Recently, they have announced that they are offering limited spaces for Founding Partners to align with their cause. I think CHLY belongs on that short list.

Today, I am launching a fundraising campaign that will join The Discourse and CHLY as media partners. But only if we can raise enough funds.

One donation goes a long way

With your help, CHLY can secure a position as Founding Partner by raising $5000, which will be matched in kind.  Your donation will doubly secure the longevity and strength of  these two important media outlets for the Mid-Island region at large.

If you value the presence of community-based journalism, please consider making a donation. We’ve made it so easy! Just go to chly.ca/thediscourse to give what you can. For donations of at least $101.20, you will get a special thanks on the front page of our website, social media, and live on the air.


Here are some screen shots and links that show how CHLY and The Discourse are a perfect match.

On Wednesday, December 2nd, I aired on The Sweet and Sour Variety Hour, a recent article from This Discourse in it’s entirety. Here is my presentation of Plans to revitalize old A&B Sound building in downtown Nanaimo by Julie Chadwick for The Discourse (12 minutes long)

Here is a screen shot of what the donation box looks like when you go to chly.ca/thediscourse

Justin Trudeau responds to my question about replacing fossil fuels

Justin Trudeau visited the Port Theatre in Nanaimo on March 15th. VIU campus radio CHLY 101.7 FM was there along with sister campus media The Navigator Newspaper.  Here’s my own summary of how this short conversation went:

I ask “What’s your plan for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies?” He responds by telling me that Canada needs two things:

To not sit back and wait.
To move beyond fossil fuels in time with everyone else.

Hmmmm, okay. Those two things totally contradict each other, and neither of them answer my question at all. I have to ask it again! What is your personal plan, Justin??

Invest money in the science to replace fossil fuel usage with renewable energy.

It’s a good thing Annelise joins in, because she points out: “All the science and technology already exists.”  Apparently, Justin knows this already, and says so with reluctance to continue this conversation, looking away, and begging others with his eyes for someone else to please ask a different question…

It does, indeed.

Annelise closes the sell by asking for commitment. “Are you gonna give us a done deal?” At this point, the man is so desperate to leave this topic that he clumsily mumbles an empty Shakespearean oath:

I will beget it done.

See below for full video transcript

Snuneymuxw Chief Doug White sings a welcome prayer inside the Port Theatre to welcome Justin Trudeau to Nanaimo on March 15th 2013. Trudeau spoke to those who gathered inside the lobby of the Port Theatre, but did not address any questions until a planned “media scrum” in front of Nanaimo’s Harbour Basin. Host of CHLY’s Sweet and Sour Variety Hour Ashta asks “What is your plan for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy?”

Justin: “We need to make sure the money coming in from our reliance on fossil fuels right now is invested towards….uh…..towards….uh…. encouraging renewables. Whether it be solar, whether it be wind, whether it be unto for discovered technologies, we have to make sure that Canada is not sitting back and hoping that we, uh, can profit as much from our fossil fuels before someone figures it out and we have to make sure we are figuring out how to move beyond fossil fuels in, uh, you know, time with everyone else.”

Ashta: “Your personal plan, though? Like, if you…”

Justin: “Investment in research and innovation and science, and uh, weening people off uh, fossil fuels as much as we can. It’s uh… it’s uh… it’s y’know, it’s gonna be a big job, but it’s one that I know Canadians are ready for.”

Annelise: “Are you gonna push for it? Are you gonna push for that?”

Justin: “Yes! I will be pushing for that”

Annelise: “Because all the science and research and technology is there.”

Justin: “It is, indeed”

Annelise: “We need a guy like you to say ‘It’s done’.”

Ashta: “Yeah!”

Annelise: “Are you gonna give us a done deal?”

Justin: “I will beget it done.”