Group Drumming Effective Exercise

A couple weeks ago on People First Radio, we interviewed Lyle Povah, a drum circle practitioner who does incredible work at the hospital in Vancouver treating eating disorders. Treating eating disorders with drumming. Brilliant. Lyle tells us there is massive psychological benefit to be had from engaging in this (extremely fun) exercise. Listen to the interview here 

Remembering my visits to Queens Park  drum circles in Toronto, I got to thinking about how great a regular drum circle would be here in Nanaimo.  I remember the welcoming environment, the uninhibited dancing, the spinning poi, the open expression, and most of all, the sound. No matter the instrument or skill level, there somehow emerged from chaos the constant beat that linked everyones experience. The more I listened to Lyle’s testimony, the more I felt a craving for this on a semi-regular basis.


Drummers in Exile is the group in Toronto who have been organizing weekly drum circles. Nanaimo has a population of only 80 something thousand, so I don’t think a weekly circle would make sense. Indoor venues cover inclement weather circumstances, so having a great indoor community environment to host them would be ideal. I think I know exactly the place 🙂