Ashta poo-poos infant diapering

Every plastic baby diaper that has ever been created, still exists somewhere.

Do you know about EC? “Elimination Communication” is the gentle practice of “natural infant hygiene”. This means we practice peeing and pooing outside of Fox’s pants and into a potty I’ve got set up next to our bed. When we’re away from there, substitutes are: the outdoors, other bathrooms, etc.

Basically, we’re on the road to total diaper freedom!

Unlike the bizarre western practice of full-on plastic diapering, infants in most parts of the world have just learned to pee and poo outside of their clothing, and I figured this made the most sense. Fox began this practice at 3 days old, and is catching on very well. In this learning period, I still use a soft cotton diaper with a comfy outer shell, but he stopped pooing in them at 6 weeks old! It’s been three weeks so far that I haven’t had to change any shitty diapers!! Wooo hooo!! This means I only have wet cotton tri-folds to wash in one small load every 3 days or so. This book was my bible. If you’re a new mom order it! Devour it, lend it out!