Mainstream media lies

The mainstream media lies.
Doubt not this fact any longer, for it is killing us all.

Guilty is this industry sometimes of specific false information, but mostly this lie is one of omission.

Omitting important information like [food systems, poverty issues, criminal corporate acts, etc.] and choosing stories like [celebrity gossip, violence worth fearing, patriotism etc] is neglect of the responsibility it has had for educating the public mind. Lies through

Mainstream media is (supposedly) tasked with informing a (supposed) democratic voting public. It is not by accident that irrelevance prevails. Indeed, the function of these stories is to shape the way you think about things. It is no secret this industry is owned and controlled by very few. A very rich few. Every time a journalist’s story is denied by an editor, DOUBT NOT that decision was made to benefit the financial stake-holders.

Had we been given a fair representation of news stories from the beginning, would we have to face the  catastrophic world so many of us endure? If the public were properly informed by the institutions we trust to inform us, what kind of poverty could have been saved? Fortunately now, we have access to all of the stories all the time. We don’t need the television programming any more. Indeed, we can program our own brains.  So kill your television, and disregard that “newspaper”!

Ignorance is a choice in the age of the internet