Stephen Harper is supposed to have been impeached as the Prime Minister of Canada

He cheated BIG TIME in both elections.

Understanding that it is 100% in the collective best interest to:

1. Actually have scientific data available for future use.

2. Have strong social programs that support veterans, students, patients, seniors, those born with illness etc.

3. Protect citizen rights and freedom.

4. Not support industry that uses slave labor in place of local jobs.

5. Support a national effort to ween society OFF Of those products.

6. Strengthen environmental protection (which we need more than anything. Because according to thousands of peer-reviewed science and fact-based evidence, climate change is fucking up the weather FOR EVERYONE)

Enough pain and suffering.

Understand that it’s no mystery anymore how to achieve the global arrival at happiness and peace for all living things on our planet. We need to stop what we’ve been doing, and change it. Otherwise, human life on Earth will cease. We must actually give a shit about our future generations. The technology is there already. All of it.

Q: Where will we ever get the money to do all that, Ashta?  A: By halting the subsidies that are given to harmful practises, which is in the billions of billions of billions of dollars. Oh, and not “misplace” billions like the conservatives have done. They’ve lied, cheated, stolen, and hurt enough.

Someone I know said, “If not Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, than who?” My answer would be: anyone who’s willing to unabashedly make all that stuff a reality.  Likely that’s the Green Party.