The Language Called “English”

Since when has metaphor become a suitable replacement for all reasonable explanation? Isn’t it important to use words that are accurate and true?  Isn’t that really the only thing we have to go on…when it comes to understanding each other?

The “first agreement” is to be impeccable with your word. I understand this to be choosing your wording so there aren’t any chances for your meaning to be misunderstood.  The impeccability part has to do with being sure your meaning is truthful.

Speaking is a highly advanced communication tool involving sounds, expressions, and gestures in which our species has developed in quite the short order of around 50,000 years. Depending on your interpretation of when homo-sapiens actually became homo-sapiens,  this is only a fraction of the time our species has existed.  Recently, literature extended this communication. A fraction of a fraction of the time we’ve existed.  Even more recent is the brand new invention of  the internetz,  where we’re basically linking our thoughts  together instantly in real time. A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of time we’ve existed. Due to this most recent development, my observation is a laziness and reliance on metaphor.

I try my best at all times to use this highly advanced communication tool in the most responsible way possible: impeccably. Trying your best is the third agreement.

Is it just the “western civilization” version of the english language, or has all the world gone mad?