Nanaimo Idle No More

I missed the Snuneymuxw rally Monday night at Nanaimo’s harbour basin. The basin is Nanaimo’s last public waterfront, and was promised to Craig McCaw’s Washington company Pacific Marina Group for a blow-out bargain deal earlier this year. Welcome shopping and yachts. Goodbye Nanaimo private fisheries and waterfront health. Anything anyone knows about it is what the “news”papers tell them to know about it: “not much”, and “who cares anyway because the deal is done”. The Nanaimo Port Authority is federal, so there ain’t nothin we can do. Doesn’t that suck? Seems like we should be able to do something else.

Anyway, the Snuneymuxw peoples had a rally on Monday night to show solidarity with the Idle No More movement which is rapidly growing in Canada, and to express the view that waters should remain sacred.

If you aren’t aware, the indigenous people of lands across this continent and others have been oppressed, brutally colonized, poisoned, discriminated against, and now, there is an attempted extermination underway. I’m not exaggerating. If you don’t believe me, check out the following list of new Bills that will just…take effect. Like everything in Harper’s government, none of these will receive the time they deserve to be debated and fought against. See: Fascist Dictatorship

Bill C-27 First Nations Financial Transparency Act
Bill S-2 Family Homes on Reserve and Matrimonial Interests or Right Act
Bill S-6 First Nations Elections Act
Bill S-8 Safe Drinking Water for First Nations
Bill C-428 Indian Act Amendment and Replacement Act
Bill S-207 An Act to amend the Interpretation Act
Bill S-212 First Nations Self-Government Recognition Bill and the “First Nations” Private Ownership Act