Enbridge will do anything to convince you….

I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I came across this doozy:

Are you kidding me!? The left panel is from a video on the assholes’ website, and the right panel was a re-do of what it actually looks like, but this time, INCLUDING the 1000 square km’s of….home and habitat…initially overlooked. I haven’t watched tv in a few months at least, but I’ve heard there are many commercials in favor of this bullshit.  The most influential drug on the masses (television) and all the evidence is that it’s working. They’re winning. My own mother thinks I’ve joined a “hippie cult” because of it. She actually said that!!

I’m pissed about this.

Will our species ever snap out of our fuel addiction? What is our fuel addiction? How is it managed? These are questions I sadly already know the answer to (let me ruin the surprise for you, it’s food). If you want to learn more about it too, watch the following documentaries. Nooooo, they aren’t boooooring. They’re interesting and provocative.  And for crys sake, share this blog post!!!

These link to full-length movies:

Food Inc.


Meat the Truth

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Not For Sale

Why We Fight

Manufactured Landscapes

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror



Allow me to just re-iterate why this is so messed up. Imagine the boat is made of tin foil (watch Manufactured Landscapes, and you’ll see that, well, it is), and it barrels in through a maze of  jagged sharp rocks, known to local boaters as a “tricky to navigate in my tiny-ass sailboat” kind of area. Long sarcastic story short, a spill is very likely to happen.

OH! But rest easy everyone, Enbridge has placed a helpful 99.999999% chance of no-spill rate on the whole scenario. Thanks Enbridge. How’s the view from your mirror tower downtown Calgary? Idiots.







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