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The Canadian Broadcasting Company gets government funding. Last time they got any kind of increase was when Mulroney was Prime Minister. Ever since then, funding has been maintained- until Mr. Harper’s majority government started chopping off limbs. Now, over 800 CBC employees have been/are getting laid off and the budget is being cut by 10% so far. Transmission sites across the Nation are getting shut down, and the content we get will come from either Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.  Friends of Canadian Broadcasting sent me an email this morning, asking for my opinion. Here’s what I wrote:

In my perfect world, the CBC would localize. With the attitude of our majority government, and the direction they are trying to take our country, fostering campus and community radio stations should come first. Canada is a huge nation! Localizing content would mean more relevant topics and less need for additional advertising. Television by way of cable/digital subscription is on it’s way out and trends are migrating to the internet. Not only would the CBC become alleviated from harmful additional advertising, a focus on building and funding small local community stations across Canada can be easily executed- especially if there was a utilization of existing community stations (www.ncra.ca). The CBC should shift funding, support, and volunteer training into these existing initiatives. Non-profit models reign as stewards of truth, relevance, and democracy…three qualities missing in the Canadian political climate. If Canada is to remain a progressive and healthy nation, there should be funded community medias that operate in a non-profit model. 

What do you think? Express your opinion here: http://www.friends.ca/TheCBCWeWant/






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  1. Mariko Ihara

    Freedom of Speech is as connected to Freedom of Thought as wheels are to bicycles.
    Our community radio stations are one way that we may be able to organize ourselves, and tackle the big questions we are facing, with regards to how do we, as humans, move forward with our own evolution into a more conscious and heart centred era..ushering in the healing of humanity, and the repairing and revitalization of our planet that is so much needed.
    If non-profit public radio does it’s part and is supported, there is reason to believe that we can maintain a form of keeping connected with the current topics of local interest. It seems there is a drift away from Nationalism in general, as we begin to act local and converge with movements happening in our geographic regions, inclusive of our neighbours South of the border. Some small radio stations can only transmit so far, and yet, there may be some benefits to this that we can realize. All of this written by an avid supporter (even if it be unmarked in dollars) of the CBC. I wonder if those 800 people that got let go could form a CBC B): The Next Generation

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