Good as Gold

I posted a few weeks ago about how I create the Sweet and Sour Variety Hour. I said “I spend thousands of hours making this radio show for you ungrateful plebs, and the least you could do is give the radio station some money!” or something. Maybe my recollection is not so kind, but that was the gist. This week (like every week) the music is good, and I dont feel the need to explain myself.

This is the file which aired on CHLY 101.7FM on Wednesday September 22nd 2021.

Trillions of living beings were awash in the invisible radio waves of these songs. I’m not over exaggerating. It’s literally how terrestrial radio works. The invisible frequency waves were riding along on the ferry. They were in your hair. They were mingling with the dust under your bed. The radio waves slid along the skins of the J Pod orcas as they swam in the cold sea. This was the vibe:

  • Wood Goss & Secret Bad Boy, Black Winged Stilt
  • Nico – These Days
  • Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You in the End
  • The Concretes – Miss You
  • Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Hush Down
  • Chris Bear- Gatsby Intro
  • The Orb, Lee Scratch Perry – Golden Clouds
  • LA Priest – Oino
  • Mcbaise – Le jardin
  • Francoise de Roubaix – Les Amis – Actual Magic Remix
  • Tony Allen (feat. Damon Albarn) – Go Back
  • Pete Drake – Forever
  • Nanaimo Chronicles : Michelle Corfield, Liberal Party of Canada
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – No No No
  • Sheer Mag, Fan the Flames
  • Fruit Bats, Gold Past Life
  • Monster Rally, Menagerie
  • Tik Tok on the Radio: Brooksie, Not Into You & @NerdyAboutNeature on valuing our old growth forests