SSVH: February 22nd & 29th


FEB 22nd 2012: You can find the mp3 for last weeks show here: Started off with a set of random music (and a little shout to Terry from the RIOT Act), and then moved into an episode of Film Buff Radio: Tarantino Favourites!


FEB 29th 2012: And you can find the mp3 for todays show……nowhere! No show for you!!!!!!!!!!!1 Something fucked up with the logger at the station. Show lost forever. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t my very best show to date or anything *sarcasm*) Synopsis: Throughout the show I featured a Japanese Surf Rock band called Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys with their album of classical renditions. Then I had a chat with Host of CHLY’s Barley Show, the barley guy. After shootin the shit with him, I played an interview with Shoshanna of Salt Spring Island Dollars, and she explained how a community currency works. Find the interview here: THEN we spoke with Lee who volunteers with the Nanaimo Seedy Sunday event, and chatted about this Sunday’s happenings.  After more Japanese surf rock classical renditions, I played the youtube video below, and read a statement from Banksy to the world (also below).  Wanna listen to this episode? Too bad, that’s as good as you get!!!






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