Cops who stage riots. Who’s burning the cars and smashing windows?

Undercover cops do it to attract bad press to peaceful protests! INsanity!!  I posted a link last week to a great Canadian documentary called Capitalism is the Crisis in which attention is called toward the G20 Summit in Toronto a couple summers ago. Footage of police officers piled on top of eachother everywhere! Cops harassing protesters like crazy, brutal stuff going on. Lots of cops. Everywhere. Then we see a police car on fire, with the word “oppressor” scrawled across the hood.  But, where are all the police?? After days of completely occupying this area, scores of officers are suddenly called to have their a coffee break,  as the only personel to be found are… cameras and news reporters! I see protesters standing around, looking at this car, clearly having nothing to do with its flames, while the press circles the car, making sure to get a good close up of the word on the hood in time for the 5pm broadcast.

Check this:

That’s right. Three shit disturbers holding big rocks and dressed in black hiding their faces: Cops.


Confirms how desperate the establishment is getting for bad press. Shame, really. Check out this blog: The Toronto G20 Exposed






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