My friend, Paul

Dear Paul,

Thank you for moving forward with the Green Party. Today when you publicly announced that you seek a nomination at the AGM next Monday, I feel relief and hope. Finally! Someone I can trust in politics! Voting, government, and democracy requires attention being paid by ALL citizens of whichever nation all of these words effect.

This is the key: it’s not about “splitting any votes”…it’s about gathering the REST OF THE VOTERS WHO AREN’T VOTING. Only one third of people give a shit enough to play the funny little game with live CPAC coverage.  Two thirds of us know it’s a game, and it is rigged!  Paul wants to call-out all the shenanegans.

A healthy “nation”, happy populations, and harmonious relationship to Earth’s nature IS POSSIBLE NOW!!!! It takes EVERYONE CARING, and everyone really DOES care, it’s just that maybe some  can’t recognize it yet. Like, two thirds of us “canadians”.

Through his film making, Paul’s already helped people recognize how much they actually do care. You saw what happened during Occupy’s first wave of dissonance! And Idle No More! Paul was right there with us! With Paul’s influence in Parlaiment, he’ll help to reform a system that is so broken.

You guys,  I feel like it’s all going to happen, and it will be just as Buckminster Fuller said: everyone on Earth can be happy and healthy. That part is my hope.   This is how I feel.  And this is where my feeling of obligation motivates me. The benefit to my son and his daughter and hers after that is what motivates me.  I’m so glad to sit on the Electoral District Association next month for the new riding of Green Party of Canada – Nanaimo Ladysmith because certainly I can help with SOMETHING so I had better start doing it (you can, too).

Anyway. Thanks again, Paul.