Reggie Watts on my birthday

In 2008, I came across a youtube video of Reggie Watts. Sitting in his New York Apartment with a microphone and a loop machine, Reggie won me over in less than 2 minutes.

I proceeded to share the video with anyone who’d sit down and watch it on my computer. “You GOTTA see this” I said. “Just wait, this next part is soooo amazing”.   At the time, I was referring to CollegeHumor way too often, and suddenly, there is that Reggie Watts guy again!

This prompted me to comb the internetz for EVERY video I can find where RW throws down.

A Reggie Watts performance:

  • scat
  • beatbox
  • rap
  • singing
  • talking
  • joking

I wanted to know everything about him! Who is this afro’d musical genius? Why aren’t we best friends yet? It seemed like his performances were limited to intimate cafes and clubs in New York city! That was a 20 hour drive from Toronto!!   In 2010, I was suprised when I turned a corner in the Seattle Rock and Roll Museum and saw a display dedicated to…Reggie Watts! Why so special? Apparently, he holds some kind of record for widest vocal range in a human being. I wouldn’t doubt it, in one song he can flow from highest canine pitch down to the deepest bass that rumbles in your gut.  Ten octaves! In 2011, he was interviewed by my favourite new-age writer, Daniel Pinchbeck and a room full of people for

Earlier in 2012 he performed a TED talk unlike any talk I’ve seen at the conference.

This year, Reggie is playing on my birthday. In Victoria for Rifflandia festival.  I’m gonna interview him. It’s fate.


Update: He asked me out for dinner that night






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