Weird phone call tonight! “What does it meeeeean?”

On 7:13pm  May 11th 2012 I received a call-back from a survey company hired by the City of Nanaimo looking for input (answers to questions) from residents aged 18-30 regarding important community information.

2-Are you that person?
2-Do you or anyone in your household work in the media, in public relations, or the City of Nanaimo?
1- Wow! You nailed both of our occupations on the head!
2- So which one are you?
1- Wait. Before I answer that question, I’d like to know; is everyone in Nanaimo participating in this survey?
2- Well….as many as we can get done… I don’t know. We’re just a hired survey company, and we just process the next call that appears on our screen.
1- Hmmm. Okay, can you tell me any information about this survey?
2- No.
1- Is it possible then to put my name on a list, so someone can call me back and tell me about it? What it’s for, and who is participating?
2- No. I mean- I can when we get through the questions. I have to go through the questions first.
1- Do you have the information about this survey?
2- Yes.
1- Can’t you to just tell me about the survey then?
2- No
1- But…you will…after I answer your questions?
2-Yes. I have to ask these questions first like in your household, does anyone work for the med-

(few minutes of me trying to convince her to tell me anything whatsoever)

1-I’m sorry. We’ll both decline this survey.
2-Okaythankshaveagoodevening *click*


Am I crazy for thinking this is weird? She refused any information at all! Any ole company could call pretending to be the City of Nanaimo!





2 responses to “Weird phone call tonight! “What does it meeeeean?””

  1. Arbie, you make so much sense! What’s weird is that I did let her know of my concern about the possibility that anyone could call posing as the City. She didn’t care, though- which just confirmed my suspicion. I asked her to please have someone call me back with info about it, she said no. I asked if she could point me in the direction of someone who could talk to me. She said she didn’t have any phone numbers of anyone with information. One thing was really clear: she was very uncomfortable talking to me, and was happy to get off the phone when I finally declined. Would the first answer (“do you work in the media, public relations or the City”) generate a different survey?? Why would they want to know that?!! Boggle. My. Mind.

  2. Arbie

    I’m guessing that they figure any info. they give you could influence your answers. But I can’t see why they wouldn’t identify themselves and/or give you some kind of option (callback number or something) if you expressed concern that they might be some kind of scam.

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