The Pope Quits

Having shepherded a flock 1.2 billion human sheep since 2005, the current Pope of all Earthly Catholicism quit his job today. I wonder if it has to do with the perpetual molestation and abuse that has been so common for so long?

The Pope: “After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, …”

Need he say more?

The last guy to quit this job did so to end a schism in the church (a schism is a divide of church). Why couldn’t this guy take down the reigning schism of this religion with him? Surely there are Catholics out there who feel that child molestation and rape should be separated from the foundation of this interpreted spirituality.  Couldn’t this guy just be like “Yeah, all that rape stuff. It’s totally whack, right? I don’t wanna be involved in protecting these men anymore. Count me out. Hey, world! It’s true! Hopefully by exposing this issue, young children dont have to go on getting molested, raped and mentally tortured.” If you’re gonna die anyway, why not leave the world a better place?

But he didn’t. And everyone will say it’s because of health reasons. Small children will continue getting molested and raped, and the Vatican will go on helping to protect the men who do it.

Have I mentioned there is a contingent of people who whole-heartedly believe the elite of this planet are controlled by beings that exist in a different frequency? No shit. You’d apparently find them in any one of the 3 City States: Washington D.C. (Military Control) London (Monetary Control) Vatican City (Spiritual Control). It’s the consensus that these elite don’t have the well-being of Earth or its populations in mind. They’ve also been called “evil” and described as “reptilian”. No joke.

When I hear of stories of people getting seriously fucked up because of the Catholic church, like Linda Fossen who I interviewed on People First Radio here, a story about evil reptiles being responsible for it is about the only damn thing that makes any sense to me. How is it that most people subscribe to this religion while at the root of it’s nature is pure evil? They don’t even know it.

Thanks for quitting, Pope. But couldn’t you have taken down the madness with you?