A few minutes of brutal truth

The brilliant Carlin taking some sense into us again….

I’ve got a few American readers, but those people are probably already aware of what George says in the video above (because Americans are incredible people with incredible strengths) I’m not really posting it for them.

I want all of my Canadian readers to recognize how close we’re letting our country get like the USA. No, it’s not entirely like that in Canada yet. Not entirely….yet. It must be clarified that the person who’s in charge was specifically put there in that position of power to transition our country…..but not for the good of the Canadian people. Contrary to how it might feel, there IS enough of us to say “Frig off, eh?”






2 responses to “A few minutes of brutal truth”

  1. I miss George Carlin. I have seen these blogs too but never, for a moment, ceoisdernd signing up. I’m planting three trees this weekend (something my kid brought home for earthday, thanks!) that will offset my hairdryer for about three minutes I learned. I’m with George on this one. Thanks for showing it!

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