Nanaimo, beautiful exploit

Check out this article, published in the Nanaimo Daily News: Lots of Weak Arguments

Did Bellaart really just say that identifying a business as American is name calling? Talk about REACHING for a counter argument!

McCaw “The American” once spent 35 million dollars on HIS CAR, and Nanaimo is expected to hand over their basin for a mere 9 million?  This is the one and only offer we’ve even gotten for our beautiful harbour! Is it an offer? Or are we getting bullied into complying?  Who’s getting paid off? The statement “to accommodate today’s larger class of yachts” has been disproved by the very makers of the (one and only) report these detrimental decisions have been based on.

What other reports do we get to consider?

New bill C-10 eliminates any requirement for an environmental assessment. Like I said, the only other report that has been referenced has been since revoked by its creators. So what other reports do we have to go on here?

None whatsoever?

Nonsensical. Darrell refers to this development saying it “will have an impact” as if it’s already underway! It’s not! We must demand review. Handing over Nanaimo’s harbour for the next 30 years is not a light matter!

Fact: luxury yachts are NOT a growing class of boats.

The people of Nanaimo surely don’t want their basin to be turned into a discount vacation destination for the rich to dump their septic and practice unsustainable useless consumer-based tourism.  When deals like this happen in underhanded bureaucratic QUIET ways (with local reporters spouting nonsense like this article that does little to incite critical thinking and everything to reinforce agendas at work), beautiful little progressive towns like Nanaimo get poisoned by needless consumerism, environmental decay, instability, dependency, and complacency. Shouldn’t we have a City Council that cares about this? A member of council (when asked about this massive issue) responded lightly by saying they were glad they have nothing to do with it.   !!!???

“Life is too short to get caught up debating issues that don’t matter.” says the “news reporter”.





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  1. carol spencer

    Seriously! THe rich and the rest of us..lackey hack reporters aught to be lined up and shot! Oh but wait..lets debate that! or not

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