The story of Bradley Manning & Wikileaks

So you know the war, right? Well, the United States did/is doing some major major major damage over there while no one benefits whatsoever. Well, no one outside of the really wealthy class.  I’m talking like (on average?) worse than a 9/11 every day or something. Here’s an old post explaining how I feel about it all:

How I see things….

The official story: Ten years ago, some brown guy hated America so bad, that he orchestrated the hijacking of two planes, flew them into a highly populated city in America and killed 3000 human beings. America declares war, solicits the poorest of their citizens to join the army, goes over, makes everything nice and democratic (?), and then declares victory. The US army gets to come home more than ten years later, and they all live happily ever after.

The true story: Ten years ago, someone flew two planes into a highly populated city in America that killed 3000 human beings. Much factual evidence points to the American government having done it themselves, or helped it along in some way. One declaration of war and less than a month later, thousands of American contractors begin the ~long anticipated~ construction of ~permanent~ oil extraction compounds in the middle east. American soldiers kill an average of 3000 people PER DAY, the equivalent to one 9/11 every time the sun goes down. More than ten years later….they declare “victory”, and the US army gets to come home, only now they are poorer than when they left.

So this [heartfelt intelligent] American soldier named Brad, realizes how its all really effed up.  Dude decides to share with the world how twisted this shit is, and leaks a bunch of documents. In fact, the most leaked documents (and one video) ever in the history of the friggin Army! Wikileaks (a site that had been around for a few years) goes to town on distributing information on the corrupt nature of this business. Business- BIG business. Massive industry. Like, a only few peeps getting reeeeeeeally rich from all this- all while America goes broke. So these (few) rich guys (with a lot of pull) aaaaaare pissed. Oh brother, are they EVER pissed. This kid endangering all our MONEY?! And GAY to boot? They snatch that little tattle-tail-er right out of reality and throw his ass in a damp hole in the wall somewheres. Dudes not allowed to talk to anyone, not allowed to see anyone, absolute solitary confinement. His lawyer tells us:

Manning is held in his cell for approximately 23 hours a day. He is not allowed to have a pillow or sheets. However, he is given access to two blankets. He is not allowed to have any personal items in his cell. He is prevented from exercising in his cell. If he attempts to do push-ups, sit-ups, or any other form of exercise he will be forced to stop. He does receive one hour of “exercise” outside of his cell daily. He is taken to an empty room and only allowed to walk. PFC Manning normally just walks figure eights in the room for the entire hour. If he indicates that he no long feels like walking, he is immediately returned to his cell. When PFC Manning goes to sleep, he is required to strip down to his boxer shorts and surrender his clothing to the guards. His clothing is returned to him the next morning.

Because of this, Brad just isn’t the same guy anymore. He’s been in this jail for about a year, and is skinny, has a hard time having a conversation, is easily disoriented, and the guy’s brain/body is practically mush. Torturous! Anyway, he’s finally going to court about all this, though they haven’t set any dates.

What’s gonna happen to him now? Poor kid. What’s gonna happen to Julian Assange (guy behind wikileaks)?! That guy’s kept his nose so clean through all this, the best the government could come up with was some weak ass “rape” stories! The two women he boned admitted they consented to it! They even admitted they knew he wasn’t using a condom. Hell, he was sleeping in her bed for a week while traveling! Because of these rape allegations,  Julian Assange has been detained for more than a year without actually being charged of any damn thing. (I guess it doesn’t help that he kind of looks like a rapist) Detained for showing the world how fucked up America’s biggest and most lucrative industry is, and that’s all.

Either way, things don’t look good for Brad or Julian.

Just thought I’d let you know.






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  1. You are my aspiration, I have few blogs and infrequently run out from post :). “Fiat justitia et pereat mundus.Let justice be done, though the world perish.” by Ferdinand I.

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